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May 2, 2006

WTC 7, 9/11 first terror message, explained last - worldwide first by Matt Marriott

Why WTC 7 was in script - Terror agenda and ammunition for the Web of Disinformation

Terror agenda: the eyewitnesses on 9/11; the rest later.

In the 9/11 script for the general audience, the Pentagon, was the first chapter of the terror agenda, by letting them see without any doubts that it was an inside job.

But for a small audience, it was WTC7 that was planned as the first chapter in the "terrorize the sheeple" agenda. That audience was the eyewitnesses of the mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan. That's why the footage of the WTC7 demolition was first kept away from the public by the Web of Disinformation.

Disinformation: Cover-up of mini-nukes and who did it -  Destruction of Israel agenda

But there are two other reasons related to diversion, i.e. the use of the web of disinformation,  to pull WTC7 the classic way - see video "Controlled Demolition Expert and WTC7".

The KEY reason is to help cover-up the core cover-up, i.e. that a H-bomb was used to pull both WTC towers.
The underlying mind control techniques are suggestion and dissociation:
- suggestion: the comparison between a classic demolition, with the visible explosion at the bottom, with what people saw before, the WTC towers with visible explosions at the top, suggests that "planes" caused the WTC collapse, since there was no plane involved in WTC7.
- dissociation: the web of disinformation soon started using massively WTC7, since the opposite images of WTC7 (classic demolition) vs. the WTC towers (unprecedented demolition) would prevent people from adding 1  + 1, i.e. that in both cases it was a demolition.

Finally WTC7 was first used as part of the distraction agenda about who did it ("the dancing Israelis did it") and the "destruction of Israel" agenda ("Jews are evil"), by using the illuminati agent Larry Silverstein, playing the "evil Jew", divert from the basic cover-up (inside job) and suggesting 9/11 was about real estate, i.e. diverting from the goal of the 9/11 operation:
- collect cannon fodder for the ground operations of the Third World War;
- terrorize the sheep so that they keep quiet until they are slaughtered in the final showdown of the Third World War.

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