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May 17, 2006

9/11 puzzle was completed worldwide first by Matt Marriott

9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts, by Matt Marriott

1. There was no plane debris at the Pentagon.
Cover-up: none. "Witnesses" and an old piece of metal was the package used to make sure that people get the message "It was an inside job", as part of the truth planted to terrorize you.
Web of disinformation: some (rense, whatreallyhappened.com, etc) go as far as to try to cover-up what was meant to be obvious, since that helps people to swallow the core lie.

2. There was no plane debris at Shanksville.
Cover up: live videos of first images on the scene never shown again; packaging it to let the web of disinformation continue the job.
Web of disinformation: suggesting the plane was shot down.
First Video footage at the scene and first aerial view (joke: sepia filter, in allusion to the moon landing hoax) show no debris whatsoever
youtube.com/watch?v=JZekosYOmXc -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpBeF5scrtA

3. The WTC towers were pulled.
Cover up: live footage only from close-up scenes (smoke, people running away); no live videos with global view on 9/11 or ever after. Unprecedented demolition technique.
Hoax: faked photos released short after, with WTC tower above "impact" tilting.
Web of disinformation: will not deny it, since is not important to make people swallow the core lie. Used to cover-up which was the unprecedented demolition technique.
BTW, here is finally video of the first tower as it was demolished:

4. No planes ever hit the WTC towers. The simple truth, the other side of the coin being the core lie: we saw the second "impact" live. As long as people believe it, the BIG LIE technique will work.
Hoax: CNN inserts the second "plane" with real time software, disappearing behind the burning tower, one second before the "impact", i.e. the bombs are detonated. Faked photos and videos, most released short after, with frontal "plane" crashes.
Cover-up: WTC prepared with explosives to simulate the wings and bombs to simulate the jet fuel explosion; no live videos (frontal view) on 9/11, no videos ever after, exposing the core lie.
Web of disinformation: all sorts of false tracks, from remote controlled planes to holograms. Anything as long as people believe that CNN had nothing to do with it.
BTW, the previous video also exposes the core lie, showing why the second tower to be "hit" had to be pulled first.

5. Some people were previously murdered to account for the "passengers".
Hoax: "passengers" were faked, previously murdered (Barbara Olson) or given new identities; family members reporting cell phone calls to these "passengers". In the case of real people, two cases, depending if they were offered an opportunity to get rid of someone (Ted Olson) or not.
Cover-up: family members evaporate, other than those part of the conspiracy.

Again: understanding the core lie was not required to see that "Reichstag Fire = 9/11". Any of the first three facts were enough for that. The first ever since day one.


Perps forced YouTube to remove videos without link, invoking copyright by illuminati media.

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The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation - Theory with probability close to 100 pct - mini H-bomb used - added 17 September 2006

Conventional bombs plus ...

As explained in "The five basic facts", the three basic types of non-nuclear bombs used in the 9/11 WTC operation, depending on the goal:
- to simulate the impacts of the "planes" against the structure, by leaving the imprints of the "wings";
- to simulate the explosion of the "kerosine" of the "airplanes" immediately after;
- to be used at the moment where the towers would be pulled.

... Unprecedented Demolition Technique: Mini H-bomb in basement upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed

The core lie is "there were planes". The core cover-up is what exactly was the unprecedented demolition technique used.
First of all, watch this VIDEO - MIT Engineer Jeff King breaks up the demolition

Now it's just connecting the dots, here: Mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement. upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed.

Although this is not a fact, this theory has a degree pf probability close to 100 pct, since it's the only one that can explain:
- the facts observed on 9/11;
- what happened to the survivors that were at the scene as the cores of the towers were turned into dust. They are either dead or terminally ill, the symptoms being again what you would expect from this theory.

Three facts that you would expect from End Times Reductionism

1. The fact that despite thousands of individuals with the know-how to denounce this, it took almost five years for that to happen.
2. Two premieres go unnoticed: unprecedented demolition technique but above all the first time that a government uses nuclear bombs against its own citizens.
3. I do remember this Finnish Military Expert from the CNN Kosovo Board, as the Third World War officially began, 24 March 1999... he was one of the few to stand for the truth then.
Eight years later, there are even less people that will do it.
Once again as you would expect, according to the Laws of End Times Reductionism.
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9/11 - Illuminati plan TOTALLY revealed - what was genius - explained worldwide first by Matt Marriott

September 18, 2006 - This very page becomes the first page worldwide to TOTALLY expose 9/11 - Illuminati stage Mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan.
So why was the complete puzzle so difficult to solve?
Basically the plan worked due to three reasons that reflect the features of End Times Reductionism, the OPPOSITE of genius:
- total illuminati control of mass media;
- totally terrorized sheep (see staging the "Pentagon crash");
- totally brainwashed sheep (which includes not being willing to admit total illuminati control of mass media).

You need to review the basic pieces of that plan, that five years later only one page managed to put together, to finally see what was genius:

- the basic idea to implement the plan of hijacked planes, the core lie: no planes, second "jet" inserted by mass media;
- the only technical detail revealing genius, was (literally) the core cover-up: demolition of the WTC cores, using a mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement, upwards directed;
- the choice of the combination of personalities used to convince people, in the first days and in the first year, about the "passengers". Ted Olson was just a conspirator celebrating the murder of his wife; for the sheep Barbara Olson was one of the last personalities that they would imagine that the "conservatives" would murder, but that was not the case for anyone aware of how the illuminati had closed all controversies about Clinton immediately after his "acquittal". That proved that Barbara Olson was not playing an illuminati role.
Genius was the choice of the other one, Lisa Beamer, the one that really mattered all along the first year, the period of time that really mattered in the illuminati planning, who was truly grieving the death of her husband. And as planned, she didn't get it, until that was irrelevant for the illuminati.

At that time, they were already rolling.
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(1) part of the script I was worldwide the first to completely explain, as far as I know.

2007 - the end of the story
9/11 TRUTH FLASHBACK - from the day Matt Marriot revealed it first time to the day it is no more questioned - videos completely exposing the TV fakery by CNN and Fox News and the "eyewitnesses" presented by the media immediately after the hoax was staged

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