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May 1, 2006

Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers"

Shanksville act staged to suggest that a "plane" was shot down- Ghost Flight United 93 explained worldwide first time

The illuminati expected you to believe that there had been three flights and the Pentagon "crash" was staged to terrorise whoever started asking questions about 9/11, by letting them understand that it was an inside operation, as even the last idiot could see no plane at all.
The purpose of the "Shanksville act" was different.
1. The illuminati staged it to make people believe that the "plane" was shot down,  ("Given that there were six eyewitnesses who say they saw a military jet in the area, my bet is that it was shot down. that's certainly consistent with an 8 mile wide debris field."), to cover-up the fact that they could not present any debris ...
2. ... while selling the official story that it was a crash. This achieves all the desired results: - people believe that there was a flight with heroes. For all audiences, of course: the old paradigma, christian and family man, Todd Beamer; the new paradigma, gay, Mark Bingham; - less probabilites for people to question that there were actually two other "planes" crashing against the WTC towers; - people will accept the hidden message that it was shot down, since it is acceptable.
See "Flight 93"-First Video footage at the scene,
Note: video used by the illuminati to create the suggestion that the "plane" was shot down - for the average idiot. Afterwards the video was classified as for "idiots below the average idiot" and it was no more used.
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Shanksville 2006 - Bush's last refuge to celebrate safely - why Todd Beamer's wife, Lisa was not in the crowd

A photo to immediately let you check what the illuminati media forgot to mention, five years later: Lisa Beamer was not in the crowd at the "crash" site of Shanksville, the last hideout for Bush to celebrate safely the fifth anniversary of the mass slaughter ...

Why wasn't Lisa Beamer there?
Answer: check the difference between Lisa Beamer and Ted Olson.

Reminder: in the first days after 9/11 Ted Olson was the most important person the illuminati used to let the masses swallow the 9/11 "passengers" story.
But soon after those first days, it was Lisa Beamer who was the most important card used by the illuminati to keep the masses believing it.
In that first year, she was also the most important card used in the "Let's roll" agenda. i.e. cannon futter for the land operations of Third World War.
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