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May 17, 2006

9/11 puzzle was completed worldwide first by Matt Marriott

9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts, by Matt Marriott

1. There was no plane debris at the Pentagon.
Cover-up: none. "Witnesses" and an old piece of metal was the package used to make sure that people get the message "It was an inside job", as part of the truth planted to terrorize you.
Web of disinformation: some (rense, whatreallyhappened.com, etc) go as far as to try to cover-up what was meant to be obvious, since that helps people to swallow the core lie.

2. There was no plane debris at Shanksville.
Cover up: live videos of first images on the scene never shown again; packaging it to let the web of disinformation continue the job.
Web of disinformation: suggesting the plane was shot down.
First Video footage at the scene and first aerial view (joke: sepia filter, in allusion to the moon landing hoax) show no debris whatsoever
youtube.com/watch?v=JZekosYOmXc -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpBeF5scrtA

3. The WTC towers were pulled.
Cover up: live footage only from close-up scenes (smoke, people running away); no live videos with global view on 9/11 or ever after. Unprecedented demolition technique.
Hoax: faked photos released short after, with WTC tower above "impact" tilting.
Web of disinformation: will not deny it, since is not important to make people swallow the core lie. Used to cover-up which was the unprecedented demolition technique.
BTW, here is finally video of the first tower as it was demolished:

4. No planes ever hit the WTC towers. The simple truth, the other side of the coin being the core lie: we saw the second "impact" live. As long as people believe it, the BIG LIE technique will work.
Hoax: CNN inserts the second "plane" with real time software, disappearing behind the burning tower, one second before the "impact", i.e. the bombs are detonated. Faked photos and videos, most released short after, with frontal "plane" crashes.
Cover-up: WTC prepared with explosives to simulate the wings and bombs to simulate the jet fuel explosion; no live videos (frontal view) on 9/11, no videos ever after, exposing the core lie.
Web of disinformation: all sorts of false tracks, from remote controlled planes to holograms. Anything as long as people believe that CNN had nothing to do with it.
BTW, the previous video also exposes the core lie, showing why the second tower to be "hit" had to be pulled first.

5. Some people were previously murdered to account for the "passengers".
Hoax: "passengers" were faked, previously murdered (Barbara Olson) or given new identities; family members reporting cell phone calls to these "passengers". In the case of real people, two cases, depending if they were offered an opportunity to get rid of someone (Ted Olson) or not.
Cover-up: family members evaporate, other than those part of the conspiracy.

Again: understanding the core lie was not required to see that "Reichstag Fire = 9/11". Any of the first three facts were enough for that. The first ever since day one.


Perps forced YouTube to remove videos without link, invoking copyright by illuminati media.

Original article in forums 1 - 2

The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation - Theory with probability close to 100 pct - mini H-bomb used - added 17 September 2006

Conventional bombs plus ...

As explained in "The five basic facts", the three basic types of non-nuclear bombs used in the 9/11 WTC operation, depending on the goal:
- to simulate the impacts of the "planes" against the structure, by leaving the imprints of the "wings";
- to simulate the explosion of the "kerosine" of the "airplanes" immediately after;
- to be used at the moment where the towers would be pulled.

... Unprecedented Demolition Technique: Mini H-bomb in basement upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed

The core lie is "there were planes". The core cover-up is what exactly was the unprecedented demolition technique used.
First of all, watch this VIDEO - MIT Engineer Jeff King breaks up the demolition

Now it's just connecting the dots, here: Mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement. upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed.

Although this is not a fact, this theory has a degree pf probability close to 100 pct, since it's the only one that can explain:
- the facts observed on 9/11;
- what happened to the survivors that were at the scene as the cores of the towers were turned into dust. They are either dead or terminally ill, the symptoms being again what you would expect from this theory.

Three facts that you would expect from End Times Reductionism

1. The fact that despite thousands of individuals with the know-how to denounce this, it took almost five years for that to happen.
2. Two premieres go unnoticed: unprecedented demolition technique but above all the first time that a government uses nuclear bombs against its own citizens.
3. I do remember this Finnish Military Expert from the CNN Kosovo Board, as the Third World War officially began, 24 March 1999... he was one of the few to stand for the truth then.
Eight years later, there are even less people that will do it.
Once again as you would expect, according to the Laws of End Times Reductionism.
Original article in forums: 1 - 2

9/11 - Illuminati plan TOTALLY revealed - what was genius - explained worldwide first by Matt Marriott

September 18, 2006 - This very page becomes the first page worldwide to TOTALLY expose 9/11 - Illuminati stage Mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan.
So why was the complete puzzle so difficult to solve?
Basically the plan worked due to three reasons that reflect the features of End Times Reductionism, the OPPOSITE of genius:
- total illuminati control of mass media;
- totally terrorized sheep (see staging the "Pentagon crash");
- totally brainwashed sheep (which includes not being willing to admit total illuminati control of mass media).

You need to review the basic pieces of that plan, that five years later only one page managed to put together, to finally see what was genius:

- the basic idea to implement the plan of hijacked planes, the core lie: no planes, second "jet" inserted by mass media;
- the only technical detail revealing genius, was (literally) the core cover-up: demolition of the WTC cores, using a mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement, upwards directed;
- the choice of the combination of personalities used to convince people, in the first days and in the first year, about the "passengers". Ted Olson was just a conspirator celebrating the murder of his wife; for the sheep Barbara Olson was one of the last personalities that they would imagine that the "conservatives" would murder, but that was not the case for anyone aware of how the illuminati had closed all controversies about Clinton immediately after his "acquittal". That proved that Barbara Olson was not playing an illuminati role.
Genius was the choice of the other one, Lisa Beamer, the one that really mattered all along the first year, the period of time that really mattered in the illuminati planning, who was truly grieving the death of her husband. And as planned, she didn't get it, until that was irrelevant for the illuminati.

At that time, they were already rolling.
Original article in forums 1 - 2

Compilation of related articles, with links to original article in forums:

Media Hoax
- WTC: No Planes - the Core Lie (1)
- Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs demolition
- WTC 7, 9/11 first terror message, explained last (1)
- Eyewitnesses and TV audience vs. core lie and core cover-up (1)
- Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers" (1)
- 9/11 Web of Disinformation managed by the CIA (1)

(1) part of the script I was worldwide the first to completely explain, as far as I know.

2007 - the end of the story
9/11 TRUTH FLASHBACK - from the day Matt Marriot revealed it first time to the day it is no more questioned - videos completely exposing the TV fakery by CNN and Fox News and the "eyewitnesses" presented by the media immediately after the hoax was staged

May 3, 2006

911 Truth - No Planes - Media Hoax - The Core Lie- Don't blame Google...

Don't blame Google...

The most important trick that lead people to believe the most devastating hoax ever - evolution theory - was a black and white cartoon with a four drawings sequence from ape to human.
One century later, the most important trick used to let people believe the first "live" hoax broadcasted worldwide was a fuzzy black and white TV footage shot in a low budget studio.
32 years later, the most important trick used to let people believe that planes were the weapon used in the first mass slaughter broadcasted live worldwide was ... cheap software, inserted by the first global TV channel, CNN.
The key trick used to stage 9/11 exposed, CNN using computers to insert the second plane disappearing behind the tower before the explosion. with real time software ... Google returns it today as result #1: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=9%2F11+%22computers+were+used%22
 Posted first March 2005, thread deleted - first result shoud be this thread, that was soon locked but is still available to read.

The core lie - The most important trick and CNN - 01/09/11- Five years ago, the shortest of all BIG LIES (3 seconds) took place

One of the frames from those three seconds:
software airplane
Three seconds repeated relentlessly during the first hours of CNN "coverage" - as the news of the Pentagon broke it had been repeated already dozens of times. The camera is fixed, to let insert the "plane" with real time software. Those  three seconds were the only frames of a plane shown, while all the other video and photo material was being photoshopped or video edited at this point, in particular the piece requiring a real graphic software artist: the frontal crashes...the second crash ...
 software airplane
... and, as you would expect from the BIG LIE framework. even for the first crash....  software airplane
Unfortunately for the conspirators, one of the consequences of using that framework, is: the bigger the lie, the easier it is to expose it.... it takes two minutes to get those three seconds... 9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts - exposed in forums first time June 2004. As far as the "witnesses" and the praticability of not using any planes see also below.
2006, 11th September - 5 years ago -  the shortest of all BIG LIES (3 seconds)

WTC "planes" - a bigger lie than the Pentagon and Shanksville "planes"

The second impact "live", three seconds repeated dozens of times on 9/11 - that was the only video with a plane released on 9/11. A plane but no crash is visible in that video.
But the BIG LIE framework requires regular upscaling. So videos of the frontal "impact" and photos of tilting towers at the moment of the collapse were released the days after.
This leads to another consequence of the BIG LIE framework: the bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it.
In this case, that material can be immediately exposed as fake, by simply comparing them with footage of tests of real planes crashing or of the WTC towers being demolished. Those videos of the frontal "impacts"  expose the second impact "live" images released by the media on 9/11 as fakes.
Or in other words, it exposes the fact that the WTC "planes" is an even bigger lie than the Pentagon and Shanksville "planes"... because the starting point to search the h truth is no more the government that the sheep long accepted as corrupted, but ALL the mass media of "free" Amerika.

The core lie and the web of disinformation of CIA psy-ops

Holograms Hoax as example

The article exposes the core lie, which is "there were plane crashes on 9/11". The web of disinformation set up by the CIA: agents like Alex Jones, who is now even on CNN, dozens of sites like whatreallyhappened.com. They play the role of exposing 9/11, their main goal is that people swallow the core lie. In the process they plant all sort of false tracks, to divert truth seekers, while discrediting the simple truth.
The BIG LIE techniques go as far as, for special audiences, stating 99 pct of truth, as long as they swallow the rest, i.e. the core lie.
For those who finally start to question the core lie, the web of disinformation created the hoax that the trick used to suggest planes was holograms. This works the same way as the hoax they created immediately after 9/11, remote controlled planes: it discourages people from continuing to seek the truth, once they realise that would have been technically impossible.
Source: sciforums.com
SciForums.com moved it immediately from folder "computer science" to "pseudoscience". It was closed as soon as enough operatives "replied" claiming the opposite of the title of the thread.

May 2, 2006

Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation

9/11 Truth about unpredecented controlled demolition, the CIA Web of Disinformation and completion of the Transition to the Terror State

The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation:

Mini H-bomb in basement upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed

First of all, watch this VIDEO - MIT Engineer Jeff King breaks up the demolition,

Non Nuclear Bombs were used, but five years later there can be no doubts left that the way the towers were pulled was a premiere: the first controlled demolition using nuclear bombs: using a mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement, upwards directed. But above all, this is the first time that a government uses nuclear bombs against its own citizens.

See also "The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation - Two premieres go unnoticed..." in the start page.

Why second tower to be "hit" was first to be pulled, explained first time - VIDEO

The bombs detonated to simulate the second impact didn't go as good as with the first "impact". That's why the second tower to be "hit" was the first to be pulled. This time it isn't a video hoaxed by CNN in real-time or released "short after" being hoaxed. It is what the illuminati media until now kept away from the public: what hundreds with video and cameras got.

In the case of the second tower: some of the bombs used to suggest the wings, started to mix with other explosives used in the WTC operation. That's why the tower had to be pulled immediately. Revealed worldwide first time by Matt Marriott, also the first to explain

  • - the WTC "impacts", by suggestion technique, with the CNN plane, added with software, disappearing behind the burning tower just before the second "impact";
  • - the dead "passengers", a suggestion created by murdering previously Barbara Olson;
  • - the pre-condition for the operation "mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan": the murder of Massood in northern Afghanistan, September 9, 2001.

Original article in forums (added:  perps forced YouTube to remove video)

"9/11 Mysteries" Video - in 2006 used by the Web of Disinformation to coverup the core coverup (mini-nukes for pulling WTC cores); in 2007 used by Illuminati State TV to complete the transition to the Terror State
Two articles illustrating how the web of disinformation is used to cover-up the core cover-up: videos and scholars (Prof. Steven Jones).  That was also one of two main goals of having WTC 7 in script, as explained first worldwide here. Added September 2007: Video "911 Mysteries" first propagated by the Web of Disinfo in 2006 is upgraded and broadcasted in the austrian state television as part of the completion of the terror agenda.

WTC demolition - Bombers release video proving it to exhaustion - New milestone in disinformation - Quiz - Why?

"Demolition Mysteries", 90 minutes video

Apparently it covers to exhaustion  the demolition, so that even the last idiot can have no doubts left about what the majority undestood long ago: the WTC towers were brought down by explosives.
The interesting thing is that this video is released by the same people that detonated those explosives.
This sets a new milestone in illustrating the "tell as much truth as required, as long as people will swallow the core lie" technique of the BIG LIE Framework.

Web of Disinformation sets a new milestone - Quiz - why?
This is the ultimate example so far, because this video, produced by the CIA, and distributed using their web of disinformation ("911 Truth Movement - PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO..."), apparently reveals about every detail of the demolition of the towers.
 Two main goals could be recognized in the few minutes I watched it.

Now the quiz is for you to explain which are those goals, besides the two obvious aspects:
- selling CIA psy-op Eric Hufschmid, mentioned first time in the first seconds of the video;
- selling the core lie that there were planes.

Hint 1: it's related to the demolition itself.
Hint 2: it appears at least two times in the video, probably more, I didn't watch the whole thing.
Hint 3: one of the goals is to cover-up another cover-up which was launched the day after 9/11. A cover-up of both the core lie and of the core cover-up.
Hint 4:  another goal is to cover-up what was unprecedented about the demolition, i.e. the core cover-up.

Quiz - Answer
1. - to cover-up the hoaxes produced by the media. This is why the video includes the faked photo of the tower with the upper part tilting in the sequence of the explosion, despite the fact that when you see the video there's no tilt.
2. - to cover-up the unprecedented technique used for the controlled demolition. That's why the audio mentions up to bottom demolition.

To cover-up the fact that the bomb used was in fact launched from the bottom. The only kind of bomb that could turn instantly the WTC core into dust.

Yes, spread this video to explain to people how the Web of Disinformation fools them ever since 9/11... in forums nobody got the answer to the quiz.
Article in forums, September 2006

Prof. Steven Jones, a CIA operative dressed as scholar for truth - WTC nuclear coverup

The answer I gave to the quiz about the CIA video "Demolition Mysteries" is exactly valid in the same way about Prof. Steven Jones, a CIA operative dressed as "scholar for truth", who is in charge of selling exactly the same lies as this video.

To expose his message, found in "What Caused Not 2 but 3 World Trade Skyscrapers to COMPLETELY Collapse on 9/11/2001?" (1), a link that psy-ops in forums are in charge of propagating, see page 71, to cover-up the media lie ("Top ~30 floors of WTC2 observed to rotate and topple over") and page 4, to cover-up the use of a nuclear bomb.

That page 4 also illustrates the problem of using the BIG LIE framework.

The CIA, to achieve the goal of suggesting it was "just" explosives, uses a photo where the parallel between Hiroshima and the WTC towers is visible. To paraphrase the CIA material: Hiroshima: How to explain it without explosives?...

Note: (1) Link to archived version. That title says it all about why WTC7 was in the script. The keyword again is suggestion...
Article in forums September 2006

6 September 2007, End of story - one year later, latest "911 Mysteries" in illuminati state TV

Terror agenda completed - Latest upgraded version of "911 Mysteries" broadcasted first time in a state TV channel in the EU or US, in this case ORF1, the first channel of the Austrian State Television.

Upgraded to make sure people get the message that only nukes could have been used.

Article in forums September 2007

WTC 7, 9/11 first terror message, explained last - worldwide first by Matt Marriott

Why WTC 7 was in script - Terror agenda and ammunition for the Web of Disinformation

Terror agenda: the eyewitnesses on 9/11; the rest later.

In the 9/11 script for the general audience, the Pentagon, was the first chapter of the terror agenda, by letting them see without any doubts that it was an inside job.

But for a small audience, it was WTC7 that was planned as the first chapter in the "terrorize the sheeple" agenda. That audience was the eyewitnesses of the mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan. That's why the footage of the WTC7 demolition was first kept away from the public by the Web of Disinformation.

Disinformation: Cover-up of mini-nukes and who did it -  Destruction of Israel agenda

But there are two other reasons related to diversion, i.e. the use of the web of disinformation,  to pull WTC7 the classic way - see video "Controlled Demolition Expert and WTC7".

The KEY reason is to help cover-up the core cover-up, i.e. that a H-bomb was used to pull both WTC towers.
The underlying mind control techniques are suggestion and dissociation:
- suggestion: the comparison between a classic demolition, with the visible explosion at the bottom, with what people saw before, the WTC towers with visible explosions at the top, suggests that "planes" caused the WTC collapse, since there was no plane involved in WTC7.
- dissociation: the web of disinformation soon started using massively WTC7, since the opposite images of WTC7 (classic demolition) vs. the WTC towers (unprecedented demolition) would prevent people from adding 1  + 1, i.e. that in both cases it was a demolition.

Finally WTC7 was first used as part of the distraction agenda about who did it ("the dancing Israelis did it") and the "destruction of Israel" agenda ("Jews are evil"), by using the illuminati agent Larry Silverstein, playing the "evil Jew", divert from the basic cover-up (inside job) and suggesting 9/11 was about real estate, i.e. diverting from the goal of the 9/11 operation:
- collect cannon fodder for the ground operations of the Third World War;
- terrorize the sheep so that they keep quiet until they are slaughtered in the final showdown of the Third World War.

Original article in forums 1 - 2

9/11 TV and Eyewitnesses - Praticability

Five years after 9/11, the sheep didn't get the basic script for 9/11 - why

Five years after 9/11, the sheep didn't get the basic script for 9/11 because they they became blind. Black is the end times color.
Total brainwash includes not having the ability to recognise these two basic illuminati end times features:

1. ALL mass media is TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.

2. The illuminati have now successfully completed their agendas of totally terrorizing and brainwashing the sheep, celebrated officially with the satanic ritual murder of Terri Schindler, named Schiavo (slave) by the illuminati. Just think about the fact that now the large majority knows that 9/11 was an inside job, and yet about everyone will deny it in public. No wonder: the consequences of total brainwash and total terror include total lack of reaction, even at the sight of the doors of the slaughterhouse.

 9/11 Eyewitnesses in Lower Manhattan - not a problem for the illuminati script

Of course the  9/11 plan had a few "witnesses" being immediately interviewed to let us know they had seen the planes. But what about those watching on TV and above all, the real eyewitnesses, those who saw what they should have not seen?
The same illuminati end times features mentioned above explain also why the eyewitnesses were not a problem in the illuminati script for Lower Manhattan:
- total control of mass media;
- the illuminati knew that the "total terror" (officiallly launched at Waco, Texas, 1992) and "total brainwash" agendas were already advanced enough.

Eyewitnesses: the answer to the THREE questions that mattered was yes

The hoaxers knew the script would work, since there were no doubts about the answer to the three most important questions.
1. The key question: would it be possible to completely censor the few eyewitnesses (testimonies and their films, photos) that understood there were no planes? These people are:
a) WTC survivors including firemen (most of them died) that saw the scene close to the "impact" and saw no debris of the planes.
b) People on the ground that hear no noise or had their eyes and cameras focused at the point of the second "impact".
BTW, check out what happened to the VIDEO of one of these eyewitnesses, who had the camera zoomed at the area where the explosion simulating the second crash took place... (link deleted)

2. Would it be possible to completely censor those who witnessed the unprecedented demolition of both WTC towers or taped it on video?
3. Finally the question that matters about the thousands of people that would refer to the only detail that could immediately expose the core cover-up, i.e. who heard the explosion of the two mini-Hydrogen bombs just BEFORE the  two WTC towers came down.
It was impossible to completely censor such testimonies as the events took place. The question is: would it be possible to make sure they would never be heard again?
BTW, here is a VIDEO with a collection of such statements from 9/11, short after the bombs were detonated.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-uOFXsfskM (update: Perps forced YouTube to remove this video)
Answer to all three questions is obviously yes, since the illuminati totally control mass media.
BTW, the question about  those who got the classic demolition of WTC 7 on video is a non-question, since the goal of that part of the script was to terrorize the eyewitnesses, by letting them know that it was an inside job.

TV Witnesses: the answer to the question that mattered was yes

Would it be possible for the TV audience to trust what the images the media was going to produce for them as "live news"? Answer is obviously yes, since the illuminati had previously tested to what utter limits the masses could be fooled "live", and to what length these kind of hoaxes can be covered-up afterwards.
As far as the duration, the ultimate example is the moon landing hoax. But it was staged only a few times. As far as the frequency, the ultimate example is state lottery drawings, broadcasted on TV weekly at prime time and yet the jackpot "winner" is always the same.  Because despite being able to watch the trick, blind people will not be able to see it.
BTW, check when was it exposed the first time.

Even better than in the cases of the moon landing hoax or the state lottery drawings, in this case the illuminati could play the extra "thousands of eyewitnesses" card. So the illuminati had absolutely nothing to fear from the TV witnesses. Later, as the truth would be spoken, the illuminati knew the reaction would be:
- "This didn't just happen on CNN! Umm..it happened in the middle of a large population center in broad daylight."
- "If you're going to tell me that every single eyewitness who saw the planes hit is "in on it", then don't bother"

The core lie transforms the eyewitnesses from an obstacle into one of the keys for the deception.

Forums: May 2006

9/11 - WTC - Witness gets close-up of bombs detonating on video, contacts government/media. How prisonplanet.tv (CIA) was used to finish the story, 5 years later

prisonplanet.tv (CIA) tells us fate of witnesses who got close-up of bombs detonating on video
The story of this video - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-542183109714508590 (update: Perps forced Google to remove this video)
- a witness gets a close-up of the moment of the bombs exploding.
- the witness contacts the government/media.

Five years later, one of the members of the web of disinformation set up by the CIA, prisonplanet.tv, releases the final part of the footage, beginning immediately after the bombs were detonated.

This time only the audio was dubbed, to:
- sell the core lie, i.e. that airliners were used;
- plant the usual web of disinformation tracks - "a military plane", etc.

Note: in this video, only the first thirty seconds after the text introduction are relevant, to check what is explained above.

I don't need to explain why adding planes to this particular video, like the government did with the rest of the videos used to prove that planes were used, was out of question, right?

Forums Sept 2006 - glp -- gim archive

May 1, 2006

Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers"

Shanksville act staged to suggest that a "plane" was shot down- Ghost Flight United 93 explained worldwide first time

The illuminati expected you to believe that there had been three flights and the Pentagon "crash" was staged to terrorise whoever started asking questions about 9/11, by letting them understand that it was an inside operation, as even the last idiot could see no plane at all.
The purpose of the "Shanksville act" was different.
1. The illuminati staged it to make people believe that the "plane" was shot down,  ("Given that there were six eyewitnesses who say they saw a military jet in the area, my bet is that it was shot down. that's certainly consistent with an 8 mile wide debris field."), to cover-up the fact that they could not present any debris ...
2. ... while selling the official story that it was a crash. This achieves all the desired results: - people believe that there was a flight with heroes. For all audiences, of course: the old paradigma, christian and family man, Todd Beamer; the new paradigma, gay, Mark Bingham; - less probabilites for people to question that there were actually two other "planes" crashing against the WTC towers; - people will accept the hidden message that it was shot down, since it is acceptable.
See "Flight 93"-First Video footage at the scene,
Note: video used by the illuminati to create the suggestion that the "plane" was shot down - for the average idiot. Afterwards the video was classified as for "idiots below the average idiot" and it was no more used.
Forums 1 - 2

Shanksville 2006 - Bush's last refuge to celebrate safely - why Todd Beamer's wife, Lisa was not in the crowd

A photo to immediately let you check what the illuminati media forgot to mention, five years later: Lisa Beamer was not in the crowd at the "crash" site of Shanksville, the last hideout for Bush to celebrate safely the fifth anniversary of the mass slaughter ...

Why wasn't Lisa Beamer there?
Answer: check the difference between Lisa Beamer and Ted Olson.

Reminder: in the first days after 9/11 Ted Olson was the most important person the illuminati used to let the masses swallow the 9/11 "passengers" story.
But soon after those first days, it was Lisa Beamer who was the most important card used by the illuminati to keep the masses believing it.
In that first year, she was also the most important card used in the "Let's roll" agenda. i.e. cannon futter for the land operations of Third World War.
Source in forums

9/11 Web of Disinformation exposed - basic test: "plane crash" at the Pentagon

Illuminati jokes while terrorizing the sheep: A Boeing 757 under the third floor... (5)

Illuminati agents - exposed - basic test - 9/11

9/11, like all post-1998 events, is an extreme easy case to expose illuminati agents.
You don't need to add one fact five times, i.e. the basic five facts about 9/11 (1). All you need is the first fact.
It's as simple as 1 = 1, i.e. 9/11 = Reichstag fire.

What I wrote two weeks after 11 September 2001:
"Test if a site propagates the government's story that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
This is the easiest test to find out if an "alternative" news site is controlled by the CIA/NSA.
If the site claims that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon THEN it is controlled. Denying that 1 + 1 = 2 is the basic test.
Please notice that if it claims it didn't then it starts looking good, but that doesn't mean that it already passed the test...
" (2)
To what lengths will Disinformation go, despite failing to pass the basic test - example
February 2005: The flash presentation at this disinfo site (3) sets a new frontier on the 9/11 usage of what I described in "The BIG LIE Framework":
"to calm down troubled minds (with more difficulties to believe the BIG LIE), alibi alternatives are unofficially presented. To make these self cooked "conspiracy theories" and the associated alibi alternatives more credible, parts of the lie will be revealed. In the extreme case almost everything, to make the troubled minds believe the rest (the objective of the big lie)."

(1) 9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts, by Matt Marriott: http://911-for-dummies.blogspot.com/
(2) 9/11 Pentagon Crash Flash: CIA/NSA sets new milestone in BIG LIE technique: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/02/310197.shtml
(3) CIA Web of Disinfo at work (4) - an example: http://www.pentagonstrike.co.uk/pentagon.htm
(4) The Web of Disinformation set up by the Illuminati: http://illuminati-web-of-disinformation.blogspot.com/
(5) Illuminati jokes about The Pentagon, American Airlines Flight 77 and Terror Agenda: http://illuminati-jokes.blogspot.com/2006/05/illuminati-jokes-about-pentagon.html

Forums: May 2006