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May 3, 2006

911 Truth - No Planes - Media Hoax - The Core Lie- Don't blame Google...

Don't blame Google...

The most important trick that lead people to believe the most devastating hoax ever - evolution theory - was a black and white cartoon with a four drawings sequence from ape to human.
One century later, the most important trick used to let people believe the first "live" hoax broadcasted worldwide was a fuzzy black and white TV footage shot in a low budget studio.
32 years later, the most important trick used to let people believe that planes were the weapon used in the first mass slaughter broadcasted live worldwide was ... cheap software, inserted by the first global TV channel, CNN.
The key trick used to stage 9/11 exposed, CNN using computers to insert the second plane disappearing behind the tower before the explosion. with real time software ... Google returns it today as result #1: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=9%2F11+%22computers+were+used%22
 Posted first March 2005, thread deleted - first result shoud be this thread, that was soon locked but is still available to read.

The core lie - The most important trick and CNN - 01/09/11- Five years ago, the shortest of all BIG LIES (3 seconds) took place

One of the frames from those three seconds:
software airplane
Three seconds repeated relentlessly during the first hours of CNN "coverage" - as the news of the Pentagon broke it had been repeated already dozens of times. The camera is fixed, to let insert the "plane" with real time software. Those  three seconds were the only frames of a plane shown, while all the other video and photo material was being photoshopped or video edited at this point, in particular the piece requiring a real graphic software artist: the frontal crashes...the second crash ...
 software airplane
... and, as you would expect from the BIG LIE framework. even for the first crash....  software airplane
Unfortunately for the conspirators, one of the consequences of using that framework, is: the bigger the lie, the easier it is to expose it.... it takes two minutes to get those three seconds... 9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts - exposed in forums first time June 2004. As far as the "witnesses" and the praticability of not using any planes see also below.
2006, 11th September - 5 years ago -  the shortest of all BIG LIES (3 seconds)

WTC "planes" - a bigger lie than the Pentagon and Shanksville "planes"

The second impact "live", three seconds repeated dozens of times on 9/11 - that was the only video with a plane released on 9/11. A plane but no crash is visible in that video.
But the BIG LIE framework requires regular upscaling. So videos of the frontal "impact" and photos of tilting towers at the moment of the collapse were released the days after.
This leads to another consequence of the BIG LIE framework: the bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it.
In this case, that material can be immediately exposed as fake, by simply comparing them with footage of tests of real planes crashing or of the WTC towers being demolished. Those videos of the frontal "impacts"  expose the second impact "live" images released by the media on 9/11 as fakes.
Or in other words, it exposes the fact that the WTC "planes" is an even bigger lie than the Pentagon and Shanksville "planes"... because the starting point to search the h truth is no more the government that the sheep long accepted as corrupted, but ALL the mass media of "free" Amerika.

The core lie and the web of disinformation of CIA psy-ops

Holograms Hoax as example

The article exposes the core lie, which is "there were plane crashes on 9/11". The web of disinformation set up by the CIA: agents like Alex Jones, who is now even on CNN, dozens of sites like whatreallyhappened.com. They play the role of exposing 9/11, their main goal is that people swallow the core lie. In the process they plant all sort of false tracks, to divert truth seekers, while discrediting the simple truth.
The BIG LIE techniques go as far as, for special audiences, stating 99 pct of truth, as long as they swallow the rest, i.e. the core lie.
For those who finally start to question the core lie, the web of disinformation created the hoax that the trick used to suggest planes was holograms. This works the same way as the hoax they created immediately after 9/11, remote controlled planes: it discourages people from continuing to seek the truth, once they realise that would have been technically impossible.
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