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May 2, 2006

Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation

9/11 Truth about unpredecented controlled demolition, the CIA Web of Disinformation and completion of the Transition to the Terror State

The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation:

Mini H-bomb in basement upwards directed: Finnish Military Expert solves last unclear issue about how 9/11 was executed

First of all, watch this VIDEO - MIT Engineer Jeff King breaks up the demolition,

Non Nuclear Bombs were used, but five years later there can be no doubts left that the way the towers were pulled was a premiere: the first controlled demolition using nuclear bombs: using a mini Hydrogen-bomb in basement, upwards directed. But above all, this is the first time that a government uses nuclear bombs against its own citizens.

See also "The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs operation - Two premieres go unnoticed..." in the start page.

Why second tower to be "hit" was first to be pulled, explained first time - VIDEO

The bombs detonated to simulate the second impact didn't go as good as with the first "impact". That's why the second tower to be "hit" was the first to be pulled. This time it isn't a video hoaxed by CNN in real-time or released "short after" being hoaxed. It is what the illuminati media until now kept away from the public: what hundreds with video and cameras got.

In the case of the second tower: some of the bombs used to suggest the wings, started to mix with other explosives used in the WTC operation. That's why the tower had to be pulled immediately. Revealed worldwide first time by Matt Marriott, also the first to explain

  • - the WTC "impacts", by suggestion technique, with the CNN plane, added with software, disappearing behind the burning tower just before the second "impact";
  • - the dead "passengers", a suggestion created by murdering previously Barbara Olson;
  • - the pre-condition for the operation "mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan": the murder of Massood in northern Afghanistan, September 9, 2001.

Original article in forums (added:  perps forced YouTube to remove video)

"9/11 Mysteries" Video - in 2006 used by the Web of Disinformation to coverup the core coverup (mini-nukes for pulling WTC cores); in 2007 used by Illuminati State TV to complete the transition to the Terror State
Two articles illustrating how the web of disinformation is used to cover-up the core cover-up: videos and scholars (Prof. Steven Jones).  That was also one of two main goals of having WTC 7 in script, as explained first worldwide here. Added September 2007: Video "911 Mysteries" first propagated by the Web of Disinfo in 2006 is upgraded and broadcasted in the austrian state television as part of the completion of the terror agenda.

WTC demolition - Bombers release video proving it to exhaustion - New milestone in disinformation - Quiz - Why?

"Demolition Mysteries", 90 minutes video

Apparently it covers to exhaustion  the demolition, so that even the last idiot can have no doubts left about what the majority undestood long ago: the WTC towers were brought down by explosives.
The interesting thing is that this video is released by the same people that detonated those explosives.
This sets a new milestone in illustrating the "tell as much truth as required, as long as people will swallow the core lie" technique of the BIG LIE Framework.

Web of Disinformation sets a new milestone - Quiz - why?
This is the ultimate example so far, because this video, produced by the CIA, and distributed using their web of disinformation ("911 Truth Movement - PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO..."), apparently reveals about every detail of the demolition of the towers.
 Two main goals could be recognized in the few minutes I watched it.

Now the quiz is for you to explain which are those goals, besides the two obvious aspects:
- selling CIA psy-op Eric Hufschmid, mentioned first time in the first seconds of the video;
- selling the core lie that there were planes.

Hint 1: it's related to the demolition itself.
Hint 2: it appears at least two times in the video, probably more, I didn't watch the whole thing.
Hint 3: one of the goals is to cover-up another cover-up which was launched the day after 9/11. A cover-up of both the core lie and of the core cover-up.
Hint 4:  another goal is to cover-up what was unprecedented about the demolition, i.e. the core cover-up.

Quiz - Answer
1. - to cover-up the hoaxes produced by the media. This is why the video includes the faked photo of the tower with the upper part tilting in the sequence of the explosion, despite the fact that when you see the video there's no tilt.
2. - to cover-up the unprecedented technique used for the controlled demolition. That's why the audio mentions up to bottom demolition.

To cover-up the fact that the bomb used was in fact launched from the bottom. The only kind of bomb that could turn instantly the WTC core into dust.

Yes, spread this video to explain to people how the Web of Disinformation fools them ever since 9/11... in forums nobody got the answer to the quiz.
Article in forums, September 2006

Prof. Steven Jones, a CIA operative dressed as scholar for truth - WTC nuclear coverup

The answer I gave to the quiz about the CIA video "Demolition Mysteries" is exactly valid in the same way about Prof. Steven Jones, a CIA operative dressed as "scholar for truth", who is in charge of selling exactly the same lies as this video.

To expose his message, found in "What Caused Not 2 but 3 World Trade Skyscrapers to COMPLETELY Collapse on 9/11/2001?" (1), a link that psy-ops in forums are in charge of propagating, see page 71, to cover-up the media lie ("Top ~30 floors of WTC2 observed to rotate and topple over") and page 4, to cover-up the use of a nuclear bomb.

That page 4 also illustrates the problem of using the BIG LIE framework.

The CIA, to achieve the goal of suggesting it was "just" explosives, uses a photo where the parallel between Hiroshima and the WTC towers is visible. To paraphrase the CIA material: Hiroshima: How to explain it without explosives?...

Note: (1) Link to archived version. That title says it all about why WTC7 was in the script. The keyword again is suggestion...
Article in forums September 2006

6 September 2007, End of story - one year later, latest "911 Mysteries" in illuminati state TV

Terror agenda completed - Latest upgraded version of "911 Mysteries" broadcasted first time in a state TV channel in the EU or US, in this case ORF1, the first channel of the Austrian State Television.

Upgraded to make sure people get the message that only nukes could have been used.

Article in forums September 2007

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