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May 2, 2006

9/11 TV and Eyewitnesses - Praticability

Five years after 9/11, the sheep didn't get the basic script for 9/11 - why

Five years after 9/11, the sheep didn't get the basic script for 9/11 because they they became blind. Black is the end times color.
Total brainwash includes not having the ability to recognise these two basic illuminati end times features:

1. ALL mass media is TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.

2. The illuminati have now successfully completed their agendas of totally terrorizing and brainwashing the sheep, celebrated officially with the satanic ritual murder of Terri Schindler, named Schiavo (slave) by the illuminati. Just think about the fact that now the large majority knows that 9/11 was an inside job, and yet about everyone will deny it in public. No wonder: the consequences of total brainwash and total terror include total lack of reaction, even at the sight of the doors of the slaughterhouse.

 9/11 Eyewitnesses in Lower Manhattan - not a problem for the illuminati script

Of course the  9/11 plan had a few "witnesses" being immediately interviewed to let us know they had seen the planes. But what about those watching on TV and above all, the real eyewitnesses, those who saw what they should have not seen?
The same illuminati end times features mentioned above explain also why the eyewitnesses were not a problem in the illuminati script for Lower Manhattan:
- total control of mass media;
- the illuminati knew that the "total terror" (officiallly launched at Waco, Texas, 1992) and "total brainwash" agendas were already advanced enough.

Eyewitnesses: the answer to the THREE questions that mattered was yes

The hoaxers knew the script would work, since there were no doubts about the answer to the three most important questions.
1. The key question: would it be possible to completely censor the few eyewitnesses (testimonies and their films, photos) that understood there were no planes? These people are:
a) WTC survivors including firemen (most of them died) that saw the scene close to the "impact" and saw no debris of the planes.
b) People on the ground that hear no noise or had their eyes and cameras focused at the point of the second "impact".
BTW, check out what happened to the VIDEO of one of these eyewitnesses, who had the camera zoomed at the area where the explosion simulating the second crash took place... (link deleted)

2. Would it be possible to completely censor those who witnessed the unprecedented demolition of both WTC towers or taped it on video?
3. Finally the question that matters about the thousands of people that would refer to the only detail that could immediately expose the core cover-up, i.e. who heard the explosion of the two mini-Hydrogen bombs just BEFORE the  two WTC towers came down.
It was impossible to completely censor such testimonies as the events took place. The question is: would it be possible to make sure they would never be heard again?
BTW, here is a VIDEO with a collection of such statements from 9/11, short after the bombs were detonated.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-uOFXsfskM (update: Perps forced YouTube to remove this video)
Answer to all three questions is obviously yes, since the illuminati totally control mass media.
BTW, the question about  those who got the classic demolition of WTC 7 on video is a non-question, since the goal of that part of the script was to terrorize the eyewitnesses, by letting them know that it was an inside job.

TV Witnesses: the answer to the question that mattered was yes

Would it be possible for the TV audience to trust what the images the media was going to produce for them as "live news"? Answer is obviously yes, since the illuminati had previously tested to what utter limits the masses could be fooled "live", and to what length these kind of hoaxes can be covered-up afterwards.
As far as the duration, the ultimate example is the moon landing hoax. But it was staged only a few times. As far as the frequency, the ultimate example is state lottery drawings, broadcasted on TV weekly at prime time and yet the jackpot "winner" is always the same.  Because despite being able to watch the trick, blind people will not be able to see it.
BTW, check when was it exposed the first time.

Even better than in the cases of the moon landing hoax or the state lottery drawings, in this case the illuminati could play the extra "thousands of eyewitnesses" card. So the illuminati had absolutely nothing to fear from the TV witnesses. Later, as the truth would be spoken, the illuminati knew the reaction would be:
- "This didn't just happen on CNN! Umm..it happened in the middle of a large population center in broad daylight."
- "If you're going to tell me that every single eyewitness who saw the planes hit is "in on it", then don't bother"

The core lie transforms the eyewitnesses from an obstacle into one of the keys for the deception.

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9/11 - WTC - Witness gets close-up of bombs detonating on video, contacts government/media. How prisonplanet.tv (CIA) was used to finish the story, 5 years later

prisonplanet.tv (CIA) tells us fate of witnesses who got close-up of bombs detonating on video
The story of this video - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-542183109714508590 (update: Perps forced Google to remove this video)
- a witness gets a close-up of the moment of the bombs exploding.
- the witness contacts the government/media.

Five years later, one of the members of the web of disinformation set up by the CIA, prisonplanet.tv, releases the final part of the footage, beginning immediately after the bombs were detonated.

This time only the audio was dubbed, to:
- sell the core lie, i.e. that airliners were used;
- plant the usual web of disinformation tracks - "a military plane", etc.

Note: in this video, only the first thirty seconds after the text introduction are relevant, to check what is explained above.

I don't need to explain why adding planes to this particular video, like the government did with the rest of the videos used to prove that planes were used, was out of question, right?

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