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Jan 27, 2015

Osama Bin Laden resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake: God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script

Introduction - added March 9, 2017
Unbelievable yet true: Only one explained why 3 years later the illuminati are still searching for MH370, let alone why the debris found in Reunion Island has not yet been "exposed" as "from MH17, planted by Putin".
Everything in text below, from Jan 27, 2015, is still what the current script is:

Simulated reality to end all shows, or in other words to start the ultimate real blood: 
The ultimate example is ongoing since 2011 and will end in Jerusalem. 
It will still spawn "shocking" acts of simulated reality such as 
- Obama Bi(nla)den presidency arrested. 
- Obama, Pope Francis, evil jews of Federal Reserve, Putin: confess most sophisticated conspiracies in the History of Politics, Religion, Finance, Sports.
But any of these reasons is enough to explain why Jerusalem's fake resurrection is the real trigger to put an end to the world as the human cattle knows it
- it puts an end to fake blood
- it starts the ultimate real blood, GLOBAL GENOCIDE.

"Osama Bin Laden resurrection at Jerusalem, crucified to a missing Boeing 777"
Original script for the remake of New York 9/11 2001
The final act illustrates the same simulated reality in another city in another day: remake of airliners crashing against the WTC towers.
In other words: a main impact at the Temple Mount.
The day is still Easter Sunday, the city is still Jerusalem's and it's still meant as the "show to end all shows".
But the orginal scripted year was 2012 and it included a Shanksville remake with reversed details:
- airliners of different countries, 
- crashes on different days, different countries and even different types of impact: not only on solids but also on liquids (Jerusalem's Temple Mount and Indian Ocean).
In other words: the remake of the 9/11 Shanksville airliner crash was to take place at the Indian Ocean, with an indonesian not malaysian airliner, 3 months before the final crash at Jerusalem.

March 2011: God creates a remake of the 9/11 demolition of the twin towers 
"Coincidentally" at one of the extremely rare moments where illuminati were not able to timely interrupt a "live" TV camera displaying unscripted footage.
The explosion of Fukushima's unit 3 was in fact a remake by God to show how, 10 years earlier, the illuminati had reduced the WTC towers to dust: detonating mini-hydrogen bombs in the basememt.

God first postpones and later irrevocably modifies the ultimate mockery in the illuminati anti-Bible
Shortly after God's remake of the WTC 1 and 2 demolition at Fukushima0s unit 3, in fact almost immediately after the "death of Osama Bin Laden", God forces the "show to end all shows" to be postponed.
What the Illuminati Grand Master didn't know at that time: 
- that was only the first of several forced forced changes in the year (we are now in 2016!).
- one of those forced changes, January 2015, would cause the satanic "perfection" of the original script to be irrevocably lost.
More precisely the 9/11 Shanksville remake had to be aborted..

Why the "ressurection of crucified Osama" script didn't yet have to be completely aborted
In other words, why the grotesque can be pushed to two years "searching for the missing Boeing 777": almost everyone reduced to beasts.
Among the only exceptions: those who God used to first postpone and later irrevocably change the satanic script

Mar 13, 2011: God replicates the 9/11 illuminati twin towers detonations at Fukushima unit 3.

2013 Oct - Illuminati in disbelief about what unfolds against all odds since 2011 - why the show still goes on

BIG BANG: what happens after Osama Bin Laden's resurrection:

"Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
Show to end all shows:  Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

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